6 gifts for under 200 DKK

Sometimes finding a gift can be challenging - you have to figure out what the receiver likes and perhaps keep within a budget!

No matter what the reason if for giving someone a gift - here are 6 pieces of jewellery that you can get right here on KnappmannDesign.com for 200 DKK and under!

Simple Bracelet

The Simple Bracelet, is, as the name refers to, super simple - but it is also very elegant!

Simple Bracelet - 200 DKK

For the Simple Bracelet you need to have the receivers wrist size (it can be exchanged)! The price is 200 DKK and you can get it here!

Skinny Point Ring

The Skinny Point Ring is a lovely ring the little dot gives it a little twist at same time as it makes it feminine! It is also perfect for a midi ring!

Skinny Point Ring - 160 DKK

For the Skinny Point Ring you need to have the ring size of the receiver (it can be exchanged)! The price is 160 DKK and you can get it here

Hoop Earring(s)

The Hoop Earring are super cute and a bit different! When you wear them it looks like you have 2 tiny rings in (and 2 piercings) without needing it! Perfect for the one who likes to keep it simple and elegant!

 The Hoop Earring - 80 DKK a piece

For the Hoop Earring(s) you don’t need to know any sizes, the earrings can be lightly regulated if they seem to thigh or loose - so you just need to know if the receiver actually have piercings in the ears! The price is 80 DKK a piece which means a 140 DKK for a pair - you can get them right here!

Silver Chain (thin)

The Silver Chain (thin) is the skinnies of all the chains! It is also super elegant and fits perfect with a tiny pendant!

Silver Chain (thin) - 100 DKK

For the Silver Chain (thin) no sizes is need as it is one size! Just figure out if the receiver likes to wear necklaces and you are ready to go! The price for this one is 100 DKK and you can get it here

Drop Ring

The Drop Ring is an elegant and super beautiful ring! The little flat part on it is hand hammered and then filed and polished - it gives each ring a slight unique and organic look! As with the Skinny Point Ring this one is also perfect as a midi ring!

Drop Ring - 150 DKK

For this ring you need the ring size of the receiver (it can be exchanged)! The Drop Ring costs a 150 DKK and you can get it here!

Drop Earrings Médium

The Drop Earrings Médium are super cute! They have a hand hammered area at the bottom of each of them - as the Drop Ring it is hammered, then filed and in the end polished! You can also get the earrings in Extra Petit, Petit and Grand!

Drop Earrings Médium - 150 DKK

For the Drop Earring Médium you don't need to find a size - just figure out if the receiver have piercings in the ears for earrings! The Earrings costs 150 dkk and you can get them here!

I hope this will help you on your search for a gift! You can always check out the Jewellery Gift Guide if you would like some more inspiration! Or at the 6 Gifts under 500 DKK and 6 Gifts under 1000 DKK if your budget is a bit different!


Shipping is not included in the prices. 

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