Jewellery Gift Guide

Jewellery is a wonderful thing to gift to someone special to you! There are a lot of different kinds of jewellery and different styles you can go for - so I have collected some different jewellery for you to look at! Find the perfect jewellery gift for your significant other or the one who you think deserve a pretty piece of jewellery ūüėČ

Lets take look at what kind of jewellery you can go for and what style fits! In generel you can opt for a statement piece, a larger piece of jewellery that really shows off. or you can go for a smaller more simple look, these are often good for beginners or people who likes to mix and match with what they already got!


First we are going to take a look at rings. With rings it would be a big advantage if you know the size your receiver uses! But that doesn't have to stop you from getting a pretty ring, take a look at some of the rings I have found for you!:

The Unika Rings is for the one who likes to have something unique - each one is unique so as others might have one that matches, none will look exactly like the one you get!: 

The Unika Ring - 260 dkk

The Angle Ring is a statement ring. It loves getting a chance to show off! This one is perfect for the one who loves the larger pieces of jewellery!: 

The Angle Ring - 410 dkk

The Skinny Point Ring is a cute little ring - it is elegant and perfect to stack or match with you other pretty jewellery! If the simple and elegant is what you are going for this might just be perfect!:

The Skinny Point Ring - 160 dkk

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With pendants you don't need to find a special size or anything - all you need to think about is what style and if you want a chain with it!

The Sea Pendant is a statement pendant and super elegant! The freshwater pearls colors are beautiful and matches pretty much everything!:

The Sea Pendant - 1000 dkk

The Stick Vertical Pendant is super elegant! The pretty pendant matches almost everything and is perfect for a mix'n'match!:

The Vertical Stick Pendant - 260 dkk

The Angle Pendant is a mini-statement pendant! Alter it like you want depending on which eye(s) you put the chain in - this is a fun way to make it a bit more personal!:

The Angle Pendant - 275 dkk

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With earrings all you need to think about is if the receiver got piercings in the ears and what style you will be going for!

With the Stick Earrings you get something super elegant, mini-statement and different! These beautiful earrings can be used both as a regular hanging earrings and as a bold ear crawler!:

The Stick Earrings - 325 dkk

The Point Earrings are tiny, cute and super elegant! They are perfect for everyday use, but also for when going out! And if the receiver have more than one piercing in each ear, they are perfect for mix'n'match!:

The Point Earrings - 230 dkk

The Angle earrings are for the one who likes to stand a bit out and look gorgeous doing it! These earrings are a hanging earring and an ear crawler at the same time!:

The Angle Earrings - 500 dkk

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With bracelets you need to get a bit in to sizes again - either the wrist-size (open bracelets) or the hand-size (closed bracelets) - but besides that it is again a style question!

The Drop Bracelet is a closed bracelet with an elegant hammered area that gives a little twist to this super simple bracelet!:

The Drop Bracelet - 350 dkk

The Angle Bracelet is an open bracelet with the same angle as the rest of the collection! This angle gives the bracelet a super elegant vibe!:

The Angle Bracelet - 550 dkk

The Unika Bracelet is a beautiful cloud bracelet! As the rest of the Unika Collection each one is unique - yet this match very well together! Get a bracelet that is elegant, beautiful and unique!:

The Unika Bracelet - 520 dkk

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