Sea Life Collection

The Sea Life Collection is a collection that is very beautiful and different (in a good way)! It is made in a new way (for me) and each piece is very unique!

The collection itself came to life after an experiment with silver and water. It came out looking beautiful and I thought it needed to become jewellery! Part from making it with water, the shapes of them reminded me a bit of plants and other sorts of life under water and that what's also part of the name.

There are 5 (6) kinds of earrings in this collection - Petit, Médium, Grand, Large, Hanging and then an Ear Crawler. And then there are also a Ring. You can see one earring from each kind down below together with prices.

Sea Life Earring Petit

160 DKK a piece

Sea Life Earring Medium

180 DKK a piece
Sea Life Earring Grand

200 DKK a piece
Sea Life Earring Large

220 DKK a piece

Sea Life Hanging Earring

250 DKK a piece
Sea Life Ear Crawler

400 DKK

Sea Life Ring

300 DKK

Each piece is very unique and therefore ordering these ones is going to be bit different.

Ordering earrings

Each earring have a letter, these letters matches with a picture, so when you choose variant D, the picture of variant D shows up- this way you can see how the earring looks - this applies to all the earring sizes in the Sea Life Collection. If you would like a pair, you need to order 2 pieces.

Ordering rings

The rings comes in sizes from 49 til 60 in standart, and here the pictures a marked with the size, so each size have picture where the size is marked - this is how the ring looks. It might not be all the time that all 11 sizes will be available, but you can always write me an email, if I don't have your size!

The whole collection will be available online from February 1st!

If you are in doubt about any of it, you can always contact me at - you can also contact me if you would like a rings in a smaller or bigger size.

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