Sea Life in 14K gold

 Are you interested in the Sea Life Collection in 14K gold? 
Then you need to read this!

I would really like to start making the Sea Life Collection in 14K Gold - and I have received a few inquiries about it. BUT it's expensive for me to just produce a collection in gold, especially if I aren't sure I can sell it.

THEREFORE is you are interested in a Sea Life piece in 14K gold - then you can write me a message at Then I will make you a piece - the only thing it demands, is that you prepay, half of the price, so I can purchase the material.

I am expecting the collection to come to the webshop and have it with me to all the markets.

The prices are:

Product Price for a pair Price for one
Sea Life Earring Petit 1.300 kr.  650 kr.
Sea Life Earring Medium 1.900 kr. 950 kr.
Sea Life Earring Grande 3.300 kr. 1.650 kr.
Sea Life Earring Large 5.000 kr. 2.500 kr.
Sea Life Hanging Earring 5.000 kr. 2.500 kr.
Sea Life Earcuff - 4.250 kr.
Sea Life Ring - 2.500 kr.
Sea Life Pendant (no chain) -

2.300 kr

You can see the Sea Life Collection in silver right here:

Each piece ends up different - and there's therefore not a picture of the exact end result - this is what I personally find beautiful about these pieces. And don't worry, I'll pick out the pretty ones ;)

You can expect a slight delay on the shipping, as I need to order gold and make the jewellery.


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