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Jewellery Gift Guide

Jewellery is a wonderful thing to gift to someone special to you! There are a lot of different kinds of jewellery and different styles you can go for - so I have collected some different jewellery for you to look at! Find the perfect jewellery gift for your significant other or the one who you think deserve a pretty piece of jewellery 😉

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Snow Flake Pendant - 2018

Winter has more or less arrived and so has a new little piece of jewellery! The Snow Flake 2018 - a cute pendant or perhaps Christmas ornament! The Pendant is limited edition, this means I have only made 10 of them! Each one in silver and with an engraving of a snow flake, on the back they have the year “2018” and an individual number (from 1 to 10). As this is a limited edition there are only 10 pieces and when they are sold out, there won't be anymore - so if you want one, be quick! The Pendant is online now and costs 400dkk! 

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Advent calendars!

Christmas time is around the corner and so is advent! I love counting down to Christmas Eve with a gift each sunday! So this year I have assembled 3 different advent calendars to choose between, for you or (/and) someone you like!😍  There are one with a little mix of jewellery and the two others are with jewellery from the Drop or Point Collections! The three calendars does also have three different price levels, so perhaps there are something for everybody! Read on to find out what exactly is in the three calendars!  Psst.. be sure to order latest november 18th, so you can get it before the first sunday of advent (December 2nd)! Advent calendar This one can be...

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