VIDEO // Hoop Earrings

The Hoop Earrings are these lovely cute and tiny earrings! But sometimes they can be bit tricky!

First you need to figure out which ear they are for - yes there's right and left in these. You can figure it out by holding the earring up to your ear. They should look like they go "up" your ear - so when you put them on the "second" piercing that it makes it look like you got, should be further up than the one it will actually sit in. If it doesn't look like that, its for the other ear 😉
After that it is time to put it in - you choose one end to start with and then just take it on like a regular earring. When you got around half in, just make sure the end is at the front of your earlobe and it will automatically stop - this is also a natural lock!

If you need a more visual explanation I have a little video to help you guys! Take a look at it by following this link (psst.. it got English subtitles):


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