If you have any questions the answer might be here - if not do not hesitate to write to me via info@knappmanndesign.com or via the form at the bottom!

Do you have a physical store?

No, I do not. But if you want to try out anything you do have a few opportunities:
- Go by "Galleri Frem" at Tinggade 11 in Ringsted, they have a wide selection of the jewellery in silver
- Come by one of the markets that I attend through the year - you can see where I am going next here!

Do you make the jewellery in gold?

Yes, I make almost all of the jewellery in gold. So if you would like any of it in gold you can write me a request at info@knappmanndesign.com and I will get back to you with all the information!

Where do you ship to?

Currently I do only ship to Denmark - though you are welcome to write me with a request at info@knappmanndesign.com if you're from another country and would like to purchase anything.

When will I receive my order?

Oders being shipped to Denmark will be shipped of within 5 workdays*. Delivery time can variate depending on which carrier you choose and if it is high- or low season.

How do I return or exchange a product?

To return a product you have to write an email to info@knappmanndesign.com and attach a copy of your invoice and write if you want it exchanged or return. If you want to return it, please do write to what. 
All shipping is at own cost when you return or exchange a product.

How do I submit a complaint

If you want to submit a complaint about your product you have to write an email to info@knappmanndesign.com and attach a copy of your invoice and pictures of the complaint. 
Knappmann Design will cover the shipping expenses when submitting a complaint*

*Only for reasonable price (Knappmann Design can make sure you get a shipping label)

How do I find my sizes

To find your ringsize you can follow this guide:
You will need some yarn, a marker and some measuring tape.
- Tie the yarn around the desired finger - it needs to be a bit tight.
- Use the marker to set a mark where the yarn has been around your finger.
- Measure the distance between the 2 marks in millimeters.
- Measure the yarns diameter in millimeters (thickness), this is only required if the yarn is thick.
The distance between the 2 marks minus the yarns thickness equals your rings size. 

I can't find my size - what do I do?

If you can't find a size among the standart sizes that fit you - you can always write me and email at info@knappmanndesign.com and ask for your size or write a comment with the order and explain which piece(s) you want in a different size (you do still have to pick a size when ordering, but I will go with the comment if you request a different size).

Do you make special designs?

Yes I do. If you want to know more or are interested in getting a special design made you can write to me via info@knappmanndesign.com or the form at the bottom.

You can read about the terms for a special design here!

*During national- and personal holidays** orders will be processed upon return.
**Personal holidays will be notified on the webshop and social media.