The Story

Danish handmade jewellery for every occasion 


The jewellery are made with the thought that it should be possible to wear everyday but also to a party or a fancy dinner.

The jewellery are made for everyone and as a new thing you can now attend workshops where we make some rings that you can take home!

Each piece is handcrafted in own workshop in Denmark and shipped of to the (hopefully) excited new owners.

Are you in need of a special piece of jewellery, you are more than welcome to contact me - I will do my very best to accompany your terms and make your piece of jewellery, wether it is christening gift, engagement or wedding ring or a gift, please do not hesitate to write.


The start of Knappmann Design


In March 2015 I started Knappmann Design. At the time I was 17 years old and had just finished half a year at KTS (now NEXT) taking a goroundcorse as a metalsmith.

I decided to start Knappmann Design as I haven't been able to get an apprenticeship as a goldsmith and thought it must be possible to do it on my own then.

I had fallen in love with the work, designing and making jewellery by hand. The love for the work is also one of the reasons why I decided to melt and draw some of my tread and sheet - this way I can reuse all of the clean metal that I have.

My jewellery are inspired by so many things, sometimes it comes out of nothing, other times it comes after being on vacation, seeing some amazing art or architecture - so many things can inspire and I find it amazing.

The important for me about the jewellery can bring joy to someone and maybe even inspire them.

- Michelle Knappmann

Who am I?


My name is Michelle and at the moment I am 22 years old! I live in Denmark, out on the country side, and I love it!

On a daily basis I work with my company, Knappmann Design. But I am also a full-time student - studying to become a danish sign language interpreter. And you might ask why I have chosen such a different way. Well, its easy, if I should choose any other thing to do, I think it would be this!

So at the moment I am sharing my time between the two things, and I hope to keep on doing so.